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Virtual Servers driven by High performance SSD storage in a RAID setup optimized to deliver high performance and handle high workloads. Highly recommended for applications requiring fast access times such as databases and large websites.

X1 1 core 1 GB 30 GB € 4,99 € 3,74/mo Order
X2 1 core 2 GB 60 GB € 7,99 € 5,99/mo Order
X3 2 cores 4 GB 120 GB € 14,99 € 11,24/mo Order
X4 4 cores 8 GB 240 GB € 29,99 € 22,49/mo Order
X5 4 cores 16 GB 480 GB € 54,99 € 41,24/mo Order
X6 6 cores 32 GB 960 GB € 99,99 € 74,99/mo Order

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Everything your applications needs to perform.

KVM virtualization

We use KVM full kernel virtualization on our platform. This gives your server more security and performance.

RAID storage

All host nodes use RAID arrays to ensure data integrity. We use RAID 10 for maximum read/write performance.

Automated OS installer

Servers can be reinstalled via the automated OS installer. The installation status updates in real-time.

10+ operating systems

We support more than 10 operating systems on our platform and have the latest versions available.


Is your server using the maximum resources? You can upgrade the resources of your server any time you want.


All servers come standard with IPv6 enabled networking and each get one /64 IPv6 subnet assigned.

99,99% uptime

The uptime of your applications is of the highest importance. We guarantee an uptime level of at least 99,99%

Reverse DNS

Quickly configure the reverse domain name of your IP addresses for example your mail or dns server.

Amsterdam datacenter

Your server is hosted from our Amsterdam datacenter in The Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the biggest internet hubs.

Custom ISO

If you like to have a specific operating system which we don't provide as standard, you can mount your own .iso file!

Custom authentication

SSH keys can be configured which are automatically whitelisted during the installation process.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade my VPS after ordering?

Yes, you can! You can upgrade your vps package any time you want within our client area. Downgrading is not possible to prevent data loss.

Is adult and/or unethical content allowed?

Yes. We allow customers to host adult or related content. We also allow our customers to host unethical content.

Can I order additional IP addresses?

This is no problem. You can order or cancel additional IP addresses any time you want by contacting our support team.

What is not allowed?

Sending outgoing ddos, hosting illegal (underage) porn or sending e-mail spam is not allowed on our servers and will result in permanent termination.

Can I resell your services?

We offer a reselling program for companies to use our premium hardware and network. We give discounts as your company grows.

Which operating systems are available?

We only offer Linux based operating systems such as: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE. You can upload your own ISO if you wish.