Reseller Program

Sell our services to your customers

Grow your business on our reliable services

Grow your business
Grow your business
Easily resell our services and only pay a monthly fee so you don't have to invest in expensive server hardware.
Priority Support
Priority Support
Your customers need a fast response. That's why we provide priority support so you can help your customer faster.
Exclusive Discounts
Exclusive Discounts
Resellers have the benefit to order our services at a reduced price! Your company will receive more discount as your spending increases.
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Resellers have their own dedicated account manager for quick communication.
Decide your own prices
SLA included
Announce your own IP subnets
ASN registration possible
Custom offers
Tour our Amsterdam datacenter
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there terms connected with being a reseller?
Yes. We expect that our resellers use our services to resell to their customers and that they are actively putting in the effort to grow their business with us.
Can I get my own IP space?
If you wish to get your servers in your own dedicated IP subnet, we can provide you that possibility. Dedicated IP space is possible from /24 IPv4 (256 addresses).
How is abuse handled?
Abuse complaints are forwarded via our support department. Issues need to be resolved as soon as possible, within 24 hours.
Is adult and/or unethical content allowed?
Yes. We allow customers to host adult or related content. We also allow our customers to host unethical content.
What is not allowed?
Your customers can't use our services to send outgoing ddos, host underage porn or send e-mail spam. We are constantly monitoring this.
I am not a hosting company, can I still become a reseller?
That depends on what your company does. If you get in touch with us we can look at the possibilities.

Any questions?