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Unparalleled NVMe SSD Hosting Solutions. Crafted in Amsterdam for Global Performance.

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Why Customers Choose Us

We are a hosting company operating from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Our goal is to provide you the highest performance at a great price
Privacy First
Your privacy is very important to us. Our servers are located in our datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Premium Quality
We design and build our servers ourselves and only use the most reliable and modern technologies.
Hosted in Amsterdam
Our infrastructure is hosted in our datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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What do our Customers think?

SKB Enterprise is awarded with the Top 25 WordPress Hosting of 2024 award by Hostadvice!

"We are impressed with the quality of the network and haven't seen any packet loss and downtime since we ordered our first server."

via Trustpilot.com

"The performance of their VPS is excellent. Disk I/O is around 2 GBps and CPU performance is also very good. Can recommend."

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"I am running my applications on their Dedicated Servers and I'm very satisfied with the quality, speed and the support."

via Google.com

"Great services, great prices, quality service and very fast and efficient. I recommend! I was looking for a quality server and it was the best choice."

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Our Services

Cloud VPS

From € 4,99

Cloud Instances

Next-Gen NVMe Storage
Cloud Control Panel
KVM Virtualisation
Scalable in a few clicks
Instant Deployment
Dedicated Server

From € 39,99

Physical Servers

HDD, SSD and NVMe storage options
Power and reinstallation functions
Raw Resources available to the OS
Up to 10 Gbps networking
Disk RAID support
Not scalable in a few clicks
Deployment within 1 day

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