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WordPress Hosting

Host your WordPress website safely with no censorship on our Privacy Protected and Offshore Web Hosting platform.

Fast Loading
As a result of our NVMe SSD storage, your website will load 100x faster compared to traditional hard drives.
Privacy Protected
Your website is safely hosted on our Offshore platform in Amsterdam, The Netherlands data center.
Freedom of Speech
Our customers can express their opinions and views however they like. There is no censorship our our platform.
99.9% uptime
Your WordPress site needs to be online at all times that's why we only use the most reliable technologies..

WordPress Hosting Plans



10 GB SSD space
Unlimited traffic
1 website
PHP version selector
Free SSL
No support


20 GB SSD space
Unlimited traffic
3 websites
PHP version selector
Free SSL


50 GB SSD space
Unlimited traffic
5 websites
PHP version selector
Free SSL


100 GB SSD space
Unlimited traffic
10 websites
PHP version selector
Free SSL

Included with WordPress Hosting

Your website or blog is supported by a lot of helpful features and benefits!

Hosted in The Netherlands
Your WordPress site is safely hosted in our data center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our Offshore Web Hosting is a safe place for your website.
Free SSL certificate
Your WordPress website will come with a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt!
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech is very important to us. We make sure our customers can express their opinions and views without fear of censorship.
High Speed SSD storage
Your WordPress site will load very fast thanks to the high quality and fast NVMe SSD storage in our servers. Opposed to traditional hard drives, your website will load faster like never before!
Easy to Use Control Panel
Manage all settings like e-mail accounts, databases and other settings from our control panel.
1 Click Installation
Install your wished CRM (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) or other software in just a few clicks with our 1 Click Installer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our Shared Hosting service.

Is my Freedom of Speech and Privacy protected?
Yes! Freedom of Speech and the privacy of our customers is very important to us. There is no censorship on our Offshore Web Hosting platform.
Where is my website located?
Our servers are located in our datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of the biggest internet hubs of the world.
How fast is my WordPress website set up?
Our system creates your webhosting account immediately after you paid! You don't have to wait for manual work and can start immediately getting your site online!
How can I backup my WordPress?
You can create and restore backups of your website, e-mailaccounts and databases in just a few clicks from our easy to use control panel.
Do you offer free web hosting?
We offer free (Offshore) Web Hosting for small static websites or blogs which don't need a lot of storage and don't consume a lot of traffic. If you 10/10 positively review our company we will immediately set up your account! See our Free Web Hosting Page.
Which payment methods do you offer?
We provide a lot of ways for our customers to pay. We accept PayPal, Credit Card, iDeal, Wechatpay, Alipay, Sofort, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum), Bank Transfer.
Do you offer domain registration and transfers?
You can register a new domain for your website with us. Do you already have a domainname which you want to use on your account with us? You can easily transfer your domain name to our company during ordering.
How can I manage my WordPress website or blog?
We have an easy to use built-in control panel which contains a lot of helpful features which help you set up and manage your website quickly. You can for example make and restore backups in a few clicks, without having to download all files yourself with an FTP client.
Do you shut down my website when an abuse complaint is received?
When we receive an abuse complaint about your website we will always contact you first. We will never just shut down your website without giving you time to respond, in contrast to other hosting companies
Can I upgrade my account after ordering?
Yes! You can upgrade your account any time you want via our client area. Your account will be immediately upgraded to the higher package after payment and you don't lose any data!
How can I get the free SSL?
You can install your Free SSL certificate in just a few clicks from our easy to use control panel. Our system will automatically configure everything for you so you don't have to do manual installation!

Any questions?