Dedicated Server Control Panel

Power Control

You can easily control the power status of your server. You can reboot, shutdown and reset the server. When the server is powered off, you can start it any time you want.

Real-time traffic usage

Our panel shows you the real-time traffic throughput. It shows both the current speed for upload and download.

Besides the live traffic, the used the traffic for the current billing period is also displayed and updated daily.

Real-time OS installation

You can reinstall the Operating System on your server any time you want*. There is a large choice of Operating Systems available for installation.

Once the installation has started, you will be able to follow the installation live via the OS installation pop-up.

Rescue mode
If you made a configuration error by mistake or your server isn't accessible anymore, you will be able to start a Rescue mode operating system on your server. Once started, you can mount the drives of your server and fix the issues.

* Not supported on all our server models. A reinstallation can be requested via the support department in this case.

Detailed traffic graph

You can view the traffic usage graphs of various periods such as the last 24 hours, the last month or all time since renting the server.

If you server has multiple network ports, then for each port there will be an individual graph available.

Other features:

  • IP address information (subnetmask, gateway, etc)
  • Real-time chassis power status
  • BMC reset
  • KVM console (not supported on all server models)