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Dedicated (bare metal) vs Virtual Server: Which is best for me?

Dedicated (bare metal) vs Virtual Server: Which is best for me?

When searching for the right hosting platform for use-cases, people find different server types which they can choose but don’t know which suits their use-case the best. In this article, we explain the different server types and compare them side by side.

You already decided you need a server to host your project and not the standard web-hosting package. You see a lot of server types. Which should you choose?

Dedicated (bare metal) server

A dedicated server, also known as a bare metal server, is a physical server hosting providers rent to customers. With a dedicated server, you have control over the physical server in the datacenter.

Dedicated servers are offered with all sorts of specifications. Whether you want 8 or 128 GB memory or multiple disks in a RAID array, this is all possible with a dedicated server.

Virtual Server

A virtual server, also known as a VPS, is a server environment which is virtualized by a virtualization platform on top of a physical server. These type of servers are very popular with website developers and small website owners.

A virtual server can be used for tasks such as a small website, mail server, VPN and much more.

Comparison of the two server types

Dedicated Server


  • Dedicated computing power not shared with others
  • Cheaper than VPS when using more computing power
  • More secure from attacks from outside resource


  • More expensive than VPS when taking a smaller dedicated server
  • Less scalable in the means of instant resource upgrades

Virtual Server


  • Low costs to start
  • Highly scalable


  • The computing power is shared with others
  • Costs more than dedicated servers when requiring more computing power


When you are looking for a simple environment to host a few websites, run a mailserver or use it as a VPN, a VPS is the best choice for you.

When you need more resources to handle a high load for a large number of websites, data processing or streaming or game servers, then a Dedicated Server is the best choice.


Compare CPU cores, RAM and disk space.
Cloud VPS


Starting price

1 - 128GB RAM
Up to 8 cores
Up to 2 TB storage
Dedicated Server


Starting price

16GB - 3TB RAM
Up to 64 cores
Endless amount of storage
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